Silk Types & Colors

Charmouse is a very soft, “classical” silk with one side that is shiny and smooth and reverse side of matte softer texture without any shine that could be also used. Colors stay bright and mix well together creating a beautiful flow of colors. Charmouse silk have different degrees of weight, solid and not transparent material (does not required underlining).

Georgette silk is lighter and softer then charmuese, has some transparency and drapes very beautifully. Has a lot of shine and shows colors well. Best for light tops and scarves.

This is very textural and voluminous material that has a bright color but without a lot of shine.  The texture adds to a color and the shape of the items in simple tops but also in the jackets and unusual scarves.

The texture for this silk creates very stretchy and unusual looks for silks. Colors stay vivid and clear. The crinkle crepe silk is perfect for a more casual looks that you can wear every day and at work but stay beautiful with incredibly light and soft material. It works for dresses, pants, tops and different scarves.

This is a beautiful solid silk with some amount of shine and dense weave that looks different from a shiny ans very smooth surface of charmeuse and georgette. That makes it perfect for many different uses from making jackets and coats to light tops and skirts. It shows color in bright and clear shades, soft to feel and at the same time easy to everyday use. Drys incredibly fast and does not wrinkle much.

Organza is a lot more transparent material compare to other silk types, also has a stiffer texture that can create a volume. It keeps the color bright and sharp and makes a perfect material to use for a shawl, top layer of a special top or skirt, or a one of a kind jacket.

Raw and kind of rough texture of this silk may surprise you and give a more casual but more practical look and feel to your clothes. It also feels very light and soft to wear. This silk shows its colors beautifully.

Soft Organza silks are little less transparent then traditional Organza Silks but incredible soft and light that looks similar to Georgette. The weave of this material is very light and works better for scarves, tops and details in jackets.

Chiffon is one of the lightest and softest silks. Chiffon and Crinkle Chiffon does not have any shine or stiffness for construction, but provide softness and lightness with some transparency for beautiful scarves and shawls, and also as a top layer in the dresses, tops and skirts. Does nor wrinkle much if any and incredibly fast drying.

Bubble silks are unique silks that have textured surface but very soft and stretch well.